As we mentioned, some actions carry more risk than others, especially during a pandemic. We encouraged you to take all safety precautions and to listen to best practices from their local public-health officials. Each day for the week of action represented one of our demands. We offered some ideas for you, your family, and friends to take action in your community, as well as resources to learn how. Given the public-health crisis, each idea was segmented by level of risk. Green was low risk, Yellow was medium risk, and Red was high risk. We trusted that you would make the best decisions for yourself and your community.

We Demanded Community Control

The most impacted in our communities need to control the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us—from our schools to our local budgets, economies, and police department.

We asked you to:

  • Hold a virtual conversation about self-governance. 
  • Hold virtual people’s assemblies.
  • Engage in political education around community control. 
  • Projector rally: This tactic is a chance for you to get creative and remain inside, or within a car, while amplifying your message to the public! Download this tactic worksheet.
  • Car caravan action to each of your elected officials’ homes, demanding community control over problematic policies and publicly run institutions.