The Black Hive is at the heart of the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) climate and environmental justice (CEJ) efforts. We are a cohort of Black CEJ experts who use our collective experience and knowledge to assess how climate change and ecological destruction impact Black communities in the U.S. and across the Global Black Diaspora. Together, we organize for cleaner, better, and safer futures for Black lives.


In 2021, M4BL introduced you to our new Black-centered climate and environmental justice initiative: the Red, Black, and Green New Deal. Since then, our climate work has expanded to include the voices of more than 200 organizations representing Black climate and environmental justice (CEJ) leaders, organizers, advocates, and strategists from every region in the United States and Global Black Diaspora.

M4BL’s climate initiative, the Black Hive, is remixing and reintroducing our Black Climate Mandate, which recommends, among many things, investing in equitable climate solutions that center Black communities’ concerns. It outlines the urgency for a Black climate agenda and investment in transformative strategies that protect Black people.


In 2021, M4BL launched the Red, Black, and Green New Deal, which has now expanded beyond this policy platform into the newly launched climate-change and environmental-justice collective , the Black Hive. The Red, Black, and Green New Deal is our blueprint for a sustainable, renewable future in defense of Black lives, and promotes rigorous and urgent legislative action toward climate and environmental justice (CEJ), in addition to holding policy makers accountable.

In 2022, the Black Hive recently set forth an updated Black Climate Mandate, which protects not only Black communities, but all communities in the U.S., and outlines the urgency and need for us to take action before we are locked into 1.5 climate change and its devastating and deadly impacts. Our mandate calls for dismantling the status quo and investing NGO and government resources in transformative climate-change strategies that protect the most marginalized in society.


Our Black Climate Mandate is broken down into nine sections. Each section explores the crisis we all face and includes a list of demands that center all Black lives.

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