Every person should be able to vote!


We cannot allow this crisis to be an excuse to disenfranchise more people. Democracy is more important now than ever.


We must ensure that ALL people have access to the ballot and do not have to risk their health to vote. 


  • Provide nationwide emergency vote by mail and online voting to make sure all people can vote. 
  • Waive petitioning requirements for political campaigns. 
  • Expand access to non-excuse early voting. 
  • Enact universal automatic registration measures.
  • Extend voter registration deadlines for all elections, especially those that have been postponed due to COVID-19.
  • Ensure all mail-in ballots are hand-marked paper ballots. 
  • Allowing formerly and presently incarcerated people to vote. 


  • Expand vote-by-mail options. 
  • Extend early voting dates and times statewide. 
  • Ensure polling locations are sanitized, healthy, safe, and accessible for all voters. 
  • Communicate all changes to voters. 
  • Waive petitioning requirements for political campaigns. 
  • States should expand early voting options and allow at least two weeks of early in-person voting to reduce long lines and administrative stress on Election Day. Once doing so, elections administrators must educate the public about these options and urge them to come in early; such announcements benefit all.
  • Early voting sites should follow the same procedures outlined for polling places, which we detail below.
  • Mail-in ballot options should be made available to all registered voters (not just those on absentee voter lists). All voters should have ballots mailed to them and be provided with a list of options as to how to cast their completed ballots (including pre-paid postage for mail return).
  • Given that mail-in voting may be the only option to cast a ballot for people who need assistance or who are immune-compromised, states must allow voters who cannot vote in person — particularly people with disabilities, illness, or language assistance needs — to obtain assistance completing and submitting ballots from individuals they designate.
  • Options for requesting, receiving, and returning mail-in ballots should be expanded, while maintaining the security of the voting system. States should offer multiple methods of requesting mail-in ballots, including online, in person, by phone, and by mail. Secure options for returning ballots should be expanded and deadlines for mail-in ballots to be requested and returned should be relaxed.
  • States must undertake aggressive voter education campaigns as they make necessary changes to their policies and practices and must additionally counter any disinformation with facts and accurate information.
  • States must implement automatic voter registration and cease purging of voters. 
  • Extend the right to vote to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. 
  • Ensure access to Government: All government entities need to accept remote signatures and attestations, and remote appearances — for court cases, hearings, social service agency government contracts, and more.