As a movement committed to the notion of freedom and justice for all, we feel compelled to address the atrocities currently occurring in Palestine. The Movement for Black Lives condemns the deadly, racist attacks against the Palestinian people by the Israeli state. 

The bombing of civilians in Gaza, the threat of removing families in Sheikh Jarrah, settler violence against Palestinian citizens in Israel, and the use of Israeli military force at the Al Aqsa Mosque– all represent the violent and ruthless escalation of repression and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. 

Among the more than 100 Palestinians who have been killed this week, at least 31 were children. Their names are now added to the list of thousands of Palestinians who have been killed in the past two decades. Each death an execution backed by resources from the United States government. 

The fight for Palestinian rights and dignity is integral to the fight for human rights everywhere. For more than a quarter of a century, Palestinians and their allies have demanded an end to Israeli occupation, settler colonialism and violence.  

Palestinian organizers on the ground and in the United States have been clear: the U.S. must stop funding Israel’s human rights abuses. 
We demand that the U.S. divest the$3.8 Billion of public dollars that goes to Israel in military funding each year. We also demand that the Biden Administration impose sanctions until Israel stops its apartheid practices and settler colonial project. 

We are inspired by the people of Palestine who are rising up against Israel’s continued apartheid. Black movement is rooted in a tradition of radical love and resistance. It is that same love that calls us to rise in solidarity with oppressed people everywhere. That includes our Palestinian family. We’re calling on people of conscience everywhere to do the same. The world is watching. 

Tell Congress: End U.S. complicity in Israel’s abuses of Palestinians

In Power,

The Movement for Black Lives


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