Equity And Transformation

Zipcode: 60610

Equity and Transformation has organized a campaign to establish a community care network in their core communities and getting resources directly into hands of the people who need them most. Their intervention has 3 components: 1. The Life Kit; the Life Kit includes up to date information on COVID, resources to contact for immediate assistance, best practices to reduce chance of infection and/or spread, toiletries, food, dietary and nutrition recommendations, and recipes from our elders that are both cost effective and nutritious. 2. Resources; $25 -$100 gift cards to impacted residents who are not eligible for the federal stimulus. 3. POD mapping; Each resident that receives a Life Kit and/or a gift card also has the opportunity to complete a POD map. The POD Map serves three purposes; a. Establishes a community care network to reach community members and their loved ones if a harm occurs b. Deepen community connectivity c. Educate the community on how individual decisions impact the whole community. EATs hope is that by developing their PODS and seeing how decision they make impact the entire map, they will adopt a few of the risk reduction strategies outlined in the Life Kit.

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