Before the novel coronavirus ravaged the United States and the rest of the world, the voting rights of Black people were under attack by voting right suppressors. The economic and political fall out of the pandemic, coupled with the Trump administration’s express commitment to voter suppression, will make it harder for Black communities to make our voices heard this election year.

In 2016, we saw voting right suppressors pilfer people’s right to the ballot and steal power by removing people from the voter rolls, shuttering polling locations, and refusing people their right to vote by absentee ballot. This year is no different. Politicians are playing partisan politics to exploit this pandemic, and they’re refusing to expand access to voting in a time where the very underpinnings of democracy are under attack.

The Electoral Justice Project was created to support Black-led organizations in their pursuit of ensuring our communities have full, uninhibited access to the ballot as we strive for transformation in our communities. The coronavirus has created conditions that can have negative impacts on Black voter turnout. As a result of elections being postponed and future elections will be impacted by social distancing orders.

The Electoral Justice Project will resource Black led non-profit organizations who are on the front lines fighting for voting rights and organizing to ensure our communities know their rights and turnout to vote in upcoming elections.

When our people are at risk, we are our own best hope. We want to support local work to #FreeTheVote because we know it has impact on all of us.

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